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Property Descriptions for Aggies Acres and Mike's Meadows -
A Residential Development Along the Calamus Lake

How did the development get started? The development was started shortly after construction of the dam on the Calamus River. The dam was built over sandhill ranchland in Garfield and Loup counties of Nebraska. The original ranch was owned by Mike and Agnes Shonka. After the dam was completed, the property was surveyed for development. The roads were constructed and the lots were arranged to provide the best view of the lake.

Where is the development located? The dam is seven miles north west of Burwell, Nebraska. The development is on the south west side of the Calamus Lake about midway between the dam and the river source. The development borders the lake area for about two miles. The Nunda Shoal boat ramp and camping area is directly across from the development.

What is the difference in the names of the development? The original ranch was purchased by Mike and Agnes Shonka as a place for summer pasture and recreation. The Calamus River running through the property provided water for the cattle and abundant wildlife habitat. About half of the land on the east end was named after Agnes (Aggies Acres) and the west half was named after Mike (Mike's Meadows). Their son, Ronald Shonka, developed the property and maintains a residence on Aggies Acres. The Aggies Acres development started with custom built homes and grew to include small acreage lots or "ranchettes." The Mike's Meadows development started with a mobile lot development and grew to include manufactured homes and boat storage facilities.

What is the typical size of a lot? The lots vary in size according to contours of the land. The minimum lot size is slightly larger than one-half acre. The largest lots are several acres.

How much do the lots cost? The lots vary in price from about $3,000 to over $30,000 depending on the following factors; the size of the lot, the location in the development, the vista, the suitability for access and construction. Lots with better views have a greater value. Those who visit the development realize their personal preferences after touring the area and select what is important to their preferences.

What are the the building considerations for a house? All house plans must have prior approval from the Architectural Committee. The Architectural Committee is made up of lot owners. They review the plans for consistancy with the Property Covanents. The Property Covantents were drawn up to promote logical considerations of the land, aethetic values of design, appropriate use of color, minimum home construction standards and similar attributes for property use.

What is the best way to tour the area? The Sandhills area has a unique topography that is best appreciated after traveling to the small towns and surrounding country-side. Located approximately in the middle of the state, Burwell is about 90 miles north of Interstate 80 from Grand Island, Nebraska. When you travel to area, you will see that the land around the Calamus Lake includes rolling hills which flatten into river valleys. You will notice a rich history in pioneer settlement with the close proximity of Fort Hartsuff, a living history calvary fort maintained by Nebraska State Parks. You can witness the local ranching and farming culture as reflected today in the annual Burwell Rodeo every mid-July. The lifestyle of this area is a calmer pace, akin to the storied tales of Garrison Keillor's "Lake Wobegon."

Aggies Acres - A Model Development for Calamus Lake

Aggies Acres - First Addition - Over Half of the Lots are Sold

The map shows that there are about half of the lots available from the first addition of Aggies Acres.

There are more lots available west of the original development.

The Calamus Lake and the Nunda Sholes boat ramp is located immediately to the north.

Aggies Acres was the first development at Calamus Lake and remains the largest.

Aggies Acres - North View Towards the Lake

The picture is taken off the deck of a house in the middle of Aggies Acres looking towards the north.

This is a typical view towards the Lake showing newer trees in the foreground and established trees further away.

The skyline and nightly stars provide incredible views.

Aggies Acres is the name of the development at the Calamus Lake for custom homes. Aggies Acres is also part of Mike's Meadow, which is a development for modular and mobile homes. Both developments are represented by Ronald Shonka, Burwell NE.

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