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Mike's Meadows - A Residential Development Along the Calamus Lake

Original Ranch Photo - 1963

This is a picture of Mike Shonka overlooking the summer pasture (circa 1963).

The black angus cattle belonged to Dave Wallace, a long time friend.

The windmill in background is now part of the Calamus Lake near the Nunda Sholes boat ramp.

First Set of Lots for Mike's Meadow - 1986

This is a map of the original lots for Mike's Meadow. These lots were sold out within a few years.

There has been three new additions created - two for mobile homes and one for modular or custom homes.

A gazebo was built on the hill to the south overlooking the lake. There is a storm shelter underneath the gazebo.

Boat storage buildings were also added to the south for convenience of the lot owners.

Mike's Meadows has a similar property covanents arrangement to Aggies Acres. See Property Descriptions for more details.
Aggies Acres is the name of the development at the Calamus Lake for custom homes. Aggies Acres is also part of Mike's Meadow, which is a development for modular and mobile homes. Both developments are represented by Ronald Shonka, Burwell NE.

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