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Local Attractions and Web Links

BurwellNebr.com is the community web site. Most local attractions and events are listed on this web site.

The Burwell Tribune is the community newspaper.

Burwell forecast from National Weather Service
North Platte Weather Region covers Burwell and surrounding area.
Grand Island Weather Region covers Burwell and surrounding area.

Burwell Airport aerial view of Cram Field - 3200' runway 15/33 BUB 377

Ord Airport aerial view of Sharp Field - 4500' Runway 13/31 ODX 356

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Duck Callers Association of Nebraska

Nebraska Audubon Society

Aggies Acres is the name of the development at the Calamus Lake for custom homes. Aggies Acres is also part of Mike's Meadow, which is a development for modular and mobile homes. Both developments are represented by Ronald Shonka, Burwell NE.

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